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The mane 6. How old are the ponies at the beginning or the series and at the end of season 6. So first we have to find out the order of the ages from youngest to oldest. In one episode it is shown the Pinkie Pie is the youngest. This is shown when Pinkie says that she’s Fluttershy’s auntie Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy responds “I’m a year older then you”. Showing us that not only is Pinkie Pie the youngest but that Fluttershy is the second youngest. The third would be Rarity since her voice is so high pitched at times in the show shows that she is going through puberty. The fourth would be Twilight since her voice is less deeper then Applejack’s or Rainbow Dash’s and isn’t as high pitched as Rarity’s. Now the fifth would be Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Their voices sound about the same age which has nothing to do with the fact that they are both played by the same voice actress. This shows that they could be the same age. Now on to the ages. First we need to point out that since they are in high school in Equestria Girls that they should be from the ages 14 to 19 but the appearance of the cutie mark crusaders in the episode Rainbow Rocks states that CHS is a high school for 5th to 12th grade (yes those kind of schools exist in real life). Which would make the age range from 10 to 19. Even though people say that the Equestria Girls episodes have nothing to do with the main show might say otherwise but in the beginning Hasbro made the Equestria Girl episodes to go along with the main series but bad comments from fans forced them to say that the episodes weren’t related. But they are the only reason Hasbro said that was so fans wouldn’t get angry over the fact that the episodes from both dimensions are all the same series. Which means they are the same age in both the Equestria Girls episodes and the main episodes. Now let’s go to the beginning of the series. Since Pinkie pie is the youngest but she is obviously older then the crusaders she would be 12 years old. Fluttershy would be 13 since she is a year older then Pinkie. Rarity would be 14 since she has a voice pitch similar to Fluttershy’s and since she hasn’t hit puberty yet. Twilight would also be 14 because she has about the same voice pitch as Rarity and even though earlier I said that Twilight was in puberty she could still be since in real world science it has been proven that not all people go through puberty at the same age. Applejack along with Rainbow Dash would be 15 years old. Now the reason that all their ages are so close to each other is because they each share similar interests and because they each share a similar maturity level. Now let’s go to the end of season 7. First of all we need to know how many years have passed since the beginning of the series in the world of My Little Pony. From looking at each episode you can see that there are four separate episodes that take place in the winter. Winter Wrap Up, Hearthswarming Eve, Tanks For Memories, and A Hearthswarming Tale and the time in between those episodes are a year. That shows that the beginning of the series and the end of season 6 unfolded in the course of three years. Then you can tell the ages of the ponies. Pinkie is 15. Fluttershy is 16. Rarity and Twilight are 17 and Rainbow Dash and Applejack are 18. Mystery solved. Now everyone can stop asking the question that has been asked ever since the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series started. How old are the mane 6? Well I just gave you the answer don’t believe me. Well Hasbro couldn’t tell you if I’m right or wrong because according to Lauren Faust, who answered this question in a Q&A on her Deviantart, Hasbro doesn’t even know the ages of the ponies. But I believe that I’m right and you will believe me too. Who knows Hasbro could make everything I said in this writing canon to the show. I am Lyric Archive the MLP Myth Buster and I’m out.

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Submitted on
February 13